Nailed It! Bake Your Selfie!


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I am an avid watcher of Netflix. Under my “Suggestions for you” was a TV show called “Nailed It!” I’m no novice to social media memes so I was curious to know how they could make a show out of people trying to make something, failing miserably at it and flaunting their failures as a “Nailed It” success. I watched all 6 episodes and I was entertained! I enjoyed it so much I wondered how I could be on this show and if there would be a Season 2. Literally 1 week after watching the first season, I see a post on their Nailed It Facebook page advertising the casting for the second season! *screams in excitement!* πŸ˜€ (More details here too!)

All the instructions to audition were right there. I just had to, “bake your selfie” on a sugar cookie. This is the recipe they gave us to use. Notice how there isn’t an oven temperature on the recipe. Haha!

30167727_224967084942206_739722937715935185_o (1)

If any of you have seen my previous attempts at trying to make sugar cookies, you will know that I have failed making them and it’s been added to the bucket list under “Must master.” Not only did this recipe ask me to do something I’m not good at, it also asked me to be an artist and draw myself. Oh yes, I’m definitely a perfect candidate to audition for this show!


I made 2 cookies, and decorated them (wrong of course). I took about 2 hours just learning how to decorate with frosting making all sorts of mistakes along the way. I frosted my eyes, nose and lips on the cookie first when I should have frosted the skin color frosting first. And I didn’t know how to mix many of the colors to get something realistic (anyone else fail kindergarten art?). Something so simple yet my selfie looks like I was on animated drugs using Unicorn colors! But did I give up? No Sir. I improvised the shit out of these cookies! I am now among the ranks of the “flaunting their failures” population: I Nailed it! πŸ˜€

The results of the casting haven’t been announced yet. There were many wonderful and comical selfie cookie submissions. I’ve definitely got some good competition. Even if I don’t get chosen, this was fun and the Nailed It social media team was kind enough to add some comments about my cookie on my Instagram and on their Facebook page. πŸ˜‰



Biscuits and Gravy!


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An old southern USA staple for breakfast that I absolutely love, biscuits and gravy! I couldn’t eat this at all during my time in South Korea because they don’t sell ground pork sausage. For the first time, I made this dish for myself homemade. Here is the Sausage Gravy Recipe that I used. Here is the Biscuits Recipe that I used. You might need to register with Facebook to view the NY Times website but the recipe is pretty simple and straight forward. I posted it below for convenience.

Now that I know how easy it is to make this myself, I won’t ever have the desire to go out and buy it at restuarants. My only problem was that I used ground pork-bacon sausage instead of regular ground pork sausage. I’m visiting my parents and that’s all they had in their fridge. Next time, I’ll definitely buy regular ground pork sausage.

My Favorite Snacks in South Korea!


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I wanted to write about all the little snacks I loved eating and drinking in South Korea. Most things can be found at the big name grocery stores and local marts (E-Mart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart, Costco, E-Mart Traders, etc.). Others can be found at the stationary stores near elementary schools (문ꡬ점) or in any bar/lounge (cocktails).

Mini Ramen BBQ flavored snack

Potato Crisp BBQ cracker chips

The closest thing to Sweet Tarts

Peppero, Many flavors just like Pocky. Most popular on November 11.

I LOVE wasabi!

Oreo Bingsu. Frozen milk shavings topped with chocolate ice cream and Oreo cookie bits.

ν˜Έλ‘κ³Όμž Walnut pancake-like snack filled with 1 walnut and red bean paste.

μž‰μ–΄λΉ΅ Fish bread snack 슈크림(cream filling) is my favorite. 톡νŒ₯ is bean filling

Matcha green tea

Green tea Kitkats!

Wasabi almonds, assortment of teas, milk tea and Baileys!

Almond candy

Green Grape Juice!

Take-out cocktails!! Cocktails to indulge at home.

Peach Crush Cocktail

These weren’t tasty but they were interesting.

South Korea wouldn’t be complete without flavored Soju.

μ–‘λ…μΉ˜ν‚¨ Yang Nyum Chicken Sauce, sweet and spicy

ν˜Έλ–‘ hot pancake

Popcorn spicy chicken

청포도막걸리 Green Grape Makgeoli!!! I love Makgeoli more than soju!! Especially Green Grape!

Daehung-dong Cafes!


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In Daejeon, there are 2 main areas of old downtown that boast many restaurants and cafes: Eunhaeng-dong and Daehung-dong. They are literally on the opposite sides of eachother; 1 on the left side and the other on the right. I went to 3 cafes today.

The best way I can describe where these cafes are, are on the south side across the street from the Samsung Building ( 삼성생λͺ…λΉŒλ”©) where the pension office is. Here’s a link to help!

Considering most cafes pop-up and down in korea, these places might not be there when you take a trip. However, there will always be cafes in this area worth checking out.

32 St – Brunch cafe

Berry Smoothie

Bong Gu Bi oh 봉ꡬ비어

Veggie and cheese croquets

Fried Chicken


Mango Smoothie

Cafe de Merci M

Cafe Mocha

De Blanc!


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In Daejeon, South Korea I walked passed this cafe practically every day. I finally went in to take a look around the brunch cafe De Blanc!

The food at the cafe is pretty average in South korea. If you’re looking for an American style brunch taste, nothing here eludes that taste perfectly. It’s a simple meal, but sometimes simple is best. Although it might seem like it lacks in culinary tasteful indulgence, it makes up for it in ambiance! I absolutely loved this place! So cozy and comfortable! The menu gives many options for your palette.

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Panini and it came with a small salad with jalapeΓ±os for β‚©8,000. As you can see, it has a lot of cheese that offset any spiciness. I’m glad it wasn’t too spicy. My stomach would’ve been angry. All in all, I would come back here to chill, study and get a smoothie or try something else from their menu.

Everything on the menu is in Korean. BUT if you can read Korean, all the words are English words. So Korean vocabulary isn’t necessary.

It’s really easy to find this place. It’s about 2 blocks straight from exit 6 of Jungang-ro Station (1 station away from Daejeon station). You’ll make a right when you see the Samsung Building, then make your first right. Can’t miss it! πŸ™‚

Swoyambhu Indian Restaurant!


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Finally! I eat Indian food again! I went back up to Seoul/Gyeonggi-do South Korea to have lunch with a fellow american traveler. She loves Indian food and suggested this place in Suwon, Swoyambhu Indian Restaurant.

I know the website is in korean but all you need to do is look at the map. The restaurant is not far from Suwon Station and can be reached taking the regular metro or the KTX if you live out of town. When you get to the restaurant they speak english, korean and their native language (could be Urdu but don’t quote me on it, I didn’t hear it well). If you want to see the menu and the prices on the website, click 메뉴.

I was soooooo happy to eat Indian food again. I took a moment of silence to enjoy all the flavors! πŸ™

I ordered the Butter Chicken Makhani, Samosas and an Aalu Paratha. My total was β‚©19,000 the restaurant offers sets but I didn’t want a set. I would’ve had to substitute everything. Too much of a hassle. I keep things simple.

Butter Chicken Makhani

Samosas! They are quite big and filling!

Aalu Paratha

Baileys Hot Chocolate!


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I few years ago, I began to love the taste of Baileys in coffee when I had it at restaurants. I found a recipe online HERE for Hot chocolate.

I like the taste of this too! We can’t really go wrong adding chocolate to Baileys. I will play around with this recipe more and tweak it to my liking so that there is a good balance between the chocolate and Baileys. I didn’t have any whipped cream but I think it will taste good with whipped cream




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I enjoy drinking tea more than coffee. When I heard there is a Tea cafe called Tealosophy in Daejeon, South Korea, I knew I had to take a visit! Tealosophy Instagram (ν‹°λ‘œμ†Œν”Ό website only in korean). It’s a tea Sommelier school and a cafe. The school is in a building next to the cafe.

A very nice, cute and relaxing ambiance. A variety of smooth jazz, bossa nova, and relaxing pop songs. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The people that run the place are very polite and friendly.

I ordered Set 1. It includes your choice of tea, scones or macarons and a pastry. I ordered the Sangria tea. It tasted similar to Hibiscus. The scones were nice and fluffy. In fact, it was the first time I’ve ever had fluffy, flaky scones. Reminded me of Pillsbury Grands biscuits. You can find photos of their MENU & English hours HERE! They have so many creative varieties of tea!

They also sell their tea. It’s pricey. A box of 20 servings is β‚©25,000 (~$22). A box of 7 servings is β‚©7,000 (~$5). I’m a cheap ass, so I kept walking until I found the cheapest tea I could buy. 1 serving is β‚©1,700 (~$1.50). I haven’t tried it yet but the flavors sound like something I’ll enjoy.

Very easy to find from Tanbang station Exit 5. Just follow the street until you get to the biggest red dot in the photo. I recommend it if you’re in Daejeon and enjoy tea. πŸ™‚

Challah Bread~Holiday Meal!


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I love challah bread! As part of a Chinese New Year meal for myself and my German friend, I prepared challah bread to compliment baked ham and creamed spinach. I will post a picture of my holiday meal but my food presentation was more “let’s eat now!” than it was for professional presentation. Basically, food photo amature. But I assure you, it was all delicious!!

Challah bread recipe HERE!

I was very impressed how this bread turned out. I impressed myself actually because this was my very first time making challah bread (and bread in my mini bake oven). I highly recommend making all of this. Creamed Spinach recipe HERE! I used a variety of my favorite cheeses for this recipe. πŸ˜‰ Baked Ham recipe HERE! I like baking pineapples with ham and making the pineapple juice into a gravy.

For dessert, I made my Banana Cream pie again (with some minor improvements from last time). I wanted to make brownies but my friend wanted to try banana cream pie because she hadn’t had it before. I told her about my pie having substitutes but it comes close to American style pie. She loved all of it so I’m happy! This was a perfect Chinese New Year/New Years dinner. I’ll definitely make all 3 again! πŸ˜€



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In Daejeon, I crave Mexican food. It’s somewhat of an oxymoron to find Mexican food in South Korea. But you know, we can get lucky if there are Mexican expats in South korea. Such is the case at Aztekila!

Located not far from Chungnam University (μΆ©λ‚¨λŒ€ν•™κ΅), I was happy to find a Mexican owned restaurant. I walked in and mariachi music was playing. I don’t even like mariachi music! But it reminded me of home so I was happy to hear it after being surrounded by K-pop everywhere! πŸ˜‚

I didn’t have much of an appetite to get more than a chicken burrito and my peach crush cocktail. The salsa and chips were complimentary as I waited for my burrito (similar to getting breadsticks at Olive Garden in USA). Unfortunately, I was unwell that day and couldn’t indulge in the lovely spices of Mexican cuisine. I would like to go back and try the Al pastor tacos if I’m ever in the area again. It was a nice treat to have Mexican food away from home that wasn’t heavily modified for the korean palette. πŸ™‚

Went back a different day for this:

Chorizo Tacos! Loved them! πŸ™‚

Tenampah tequila shot!