I’m a gal in my thirties (whoa! Getting younger! Hehe 🙂 ). I’m from the desert of the USA’s southwest and I live in South Korea. My name? Well, this blog is about food! I don’t think my name is important but I’ve had this blog for 4 years now (wow!) and I started to have more followers. Thank you all for that! So the name I call myself is Antoinette (like the queen that supposedly said, “Let them eat cake.”).

Anyway, I love to travel and try many different kinds of foods. Sweets tend to be my favorites. You’ll soon find out that I really love bananas and sweet potatoes because I cook a lot with these ingredients. I’m a chef in training trying to learn how to cook better. So I like to think of this blog as my patisserie! Thank you for stopping by my blog to join me on my food pursuit! 😉


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