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A friend wanted to meet up at Pieology. I’ve heard of this place because I watched a commercial on Youtube of them remixing the movie Frozen’s “Do you want to build a snowman” to “Do you want to build a pizza.”

I like the idea of building your own pizza. It reminded me of building my own sandwich at Subway. I put artichokes, salami, pepperoni, onion, mozzarella and parmigian cheese on my pizza. I was on a budget so I ordered the kid pizza for $5. It says pepperoni and cheese only but the guy told me I can put whatever on it, no limit.

I liked this place and my pizza was good and fulfilling. If you have a ‘build your own pizza’ place in your city, give it a try! πŸ™‚


Forno 301!


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Amici pizza

I’m back in Arizona visiting some family and friends. A friend recommended I try Forno 301 Pizzeria considering my favorite Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana is closed on Mondays.

This place is family owned with folks direct from Italy and it has been growing popular steadily. After all, many people love authentic food. πŸ™‚

I ordered the Amici pizza, $14. I usually order the Bianche pizzas wherever I go because of the lesser acidic content from tomato sauce. I gobbled this pizza down. Topped with salami, mozzarella, and another cheese I forgot (maybe parmigiano).

I have another favorite Italian spot in Phoenix now. πŸ™‚

La Vie est Belle!


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Baking Studio: La Vie Est Belle (in Daejeon). Instagram is in Korean.
This is a desssert cafe, baking studio and a place for concerts. For those of you that want to have a baking event or just want to rent a studio to bake for a few hours, I was randomly walking around and saw this place.Β  I didn’t know these places were around in South Korea and always wondered if they were. So I walked in! πŸ™‚
Exit 1 Oryong station. Walk straight until you reach the small 3 way intersection of KEB hana bank and NH bank. Turn right and you’ll see it above the 7-11. Can’t miss it!
This is an Estimate I was given:
For an event: 3-4 hrs between β‚©80,000-β‚©100,000
Depends on what you want to make
(Macaron, Pound cake, Cookies, etc.).

If you want to rent it for yourself, you can call them. They were able to give me these details in English face-to-face so I’d say they speak good English. If you need help understanding them over the phone, get a friend to assist you for your event. The prices may have changed and I remember it all depends on what you want. So you will have to call/visit them for any updated prices specific to you.Β 


Vegan Burger!


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In efforts to be hip with the vegan shift and try something new, I taught myself how to a make a vegan burger. I found a RECIPE HERE!
I love hamburgers! But those of you that have followed the blog for some time understand that eating beef hamburgers is a guilty pleasure of mine (my body doesn’t digest beef well). Most times when I’m out, I’ll order a chicken burger or a veggie burger.

I substituted the mess out of this recipe. I didn’t have chili pepper seasoning, red beans, tamari, and ketchup. I used tomato paste because I knew tomato paste adds a thicker, meatier flavor. I also used an Indonesian Kecap soy sauce. I love it! Then I added my own burger sauce to the burger. A combination of mayonaise, ketchup, vinegar, garlic powder, pepper and relish.

Even with all the substitutions, this is a great burger! My entire meal tonight was vegan (with the exception of the burger sauce). My adventures in the bathroom will be pleasant ones. πŸ˜€

Chicken Francaise!


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I saw a video somewhere on Facebook (amidst the plethora of foodie videos) and decided to try cooking Chicken Francaise. RECIPE HERE!

First of all, this took me an hour to make. It took longer than it should have because I’m cooking in a kitchenette in South Korea and I only have 1-eye on the stove and about a foot of counter space. I did martial arts techniques to beat the chicken breasts with my hands because I didn’t have enough space to beat them with a pan…… I’m frustrated with my tiny kitchen! ……I digress.

ABOUT THE CHICKEN! I really like how simple this recipe is and the chicken tastes good! πŸ™‚ It combines many of my favorite flavors (e.g. lemon, white wine, Italian cheese). It will definitely be a recipe staple of mine. I recommend giving this recipe a try. If you have more counter space than I do, it shouldn’t take as long to cook.

I’m on Instagram!


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For those that follow me here on the blog, you can now follow me on Instagram!

I’ve decided to post only the food I cook on my Instagram and leave the foodie travel adventures to the blog. I can express more about travel adventures on the blog with links and sources than I can on Instagram.

Follow me on Instagram! πŸ™‚


Ari’s Cupcake!


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I am happy to have found a local cupcake shop in my city that comes close to USA style cupcakes. It’s not exact, it’s just the closest I’ve had here in Daejeon, South Korea. At Ari’s Cupcakes I always get the Lemon Tree cupcake. It’s my favorite there. I love lemon flavored things. The other cupcakes are good too. The Cookies and cream is my second favorite topped with an Oreo cookie.

Lemon Tree Cupcake

The cupcakes cost between β‚©3,500-5,000. They aren’t always open during their opening hours. Don’t worry, it’s like this with most places in South Korea to close without notice. Typically, I go between the hours of 4pm-7pm Monday-Saturday and they’ve been open. Sundays closed.

Cookies and Cream Cupcake

Ari’s Cupcakes is located diagonally across the street from NC Department Store on the southwest corner. Jungang-no station exit 5, walk straight for about 50 feet and you should see it on your left.

Tiramisu Cupcake

Berry Berry Cupcake

2nd Seoul Foodie Adventure!


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This is my last time in Seoul before I move to Germany. I wanted to try as many things as I could. Unfortunately, a lot of shops were closed due to Korean Thanksgiving Chuseok (좔석). But here are some places that were open. Mainly foreigner owned.

Mr. Kebab in Itaewon.

I really enjoy Turkish food. Even though this place is a fast food chain, it’s still good. I bought the falafel wrap and baklava. This was my first time having baklava and I am now a baklava fan!



I had heard about McCoy’s from A Fat Girl’s Food Guide blog. The food she ate looked so good that I wanted to try it myself when I went back to Itaewon (Noksapyeong Station). The menu constantly changes so I couldn’t indulge in what she ate. I was on a foodie budget so I ordered the cheapest meal on the menu: Chicken and a sangria. I enjoyed the chicken but the Garlic Herb and Honey mustard sauce I had with it didn’t complement the other flavors on the plate. I should’ve tried a different sauce. This is a good date spot. Dim lights, nice music and decent food. I’d come back with a date if I had one. πŸ™‚


Billy Angel Cake

I was just walking around and saw Billy Angel Cake near Hongdae at Hapjeong. There was an advertisement of Carrot Cake. This is a chain restaurant. At first I wanted some good carrot cake. But when I walked in, there were so many cakes to choose from, I changed my mind. Each slice of cake is roughly β‚©7,000. I wanted to try something new. I had an Earl Grey cake at an airport once and I loved how delicious the tea tastes in a cake (tea lover!). So I tried the Black Chiffon Tea Cake and the Carrot Cake here at Billy’s. It was very pleasant. Not to sweet, not to bland. I enjoyed it. I will try making cakes with tea in the future.

Black Chiffon Tea Cake


Carrot Cake

Milky Bee and Gelato

So this place is pretty popular. I didn’t know why so I went there in Myeongdong. Their most popular ice cream is the honey comb. I sampled a taste of the honey comb from a fellow traveler but it was too pure and planty for me. It was very strong and overpowering. I bought myself the granola. This was much better. The creamy texture of the ice cream and granola paired well.

WINK Kitchen and Taphouse!


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I only knew of this restaurant in Seoul, South Korea because the owner operates a tour group called WINK Travels and I participated in a couple trips. The menu looked friendly towards foreigners and they have drink specials. At WINK Kitchen, I ordered the Bacon Egg Emmental French toast and a side of guacamole and chips (I was craving guacamole and didn’t feel like grocery shopping for ingredients to make it myself).

I admit the combination of garlic sauce on french toast sounds like a Korean creation. However, it didn’t take away the flavors of the toast or bacon. I’m glad the sauce didn’t dominate. I wanted to try their burgers because that’s what they promote a lot of. I just didn’t have enough time or stomach space. I’d recommend trying this place. πŸ™‚

Roasted pumpkin and pigs in a blanket!


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Every time I get an urge to go buy a burger and fries I always contemplate cooking my own food. Thankfully, I’ve made this every time I contemplate. Pumpkins are much healthier and have lower carbs than french fries.

I always season my pumpkin as if I was seasoning french fries. I got the idea while searching the internet for fries alternatives. Pepper, salt, sage, rosemary, olive oil, etc. Whatever I crave at the moment. I roast the onions in butter. I love the taste of butter and onions more than olive oil and onions.

I had some Bisquik flour mixture that I needed to use. So I used it to create the blanket for the pigs. πŸ™‚ I feel great that I cooked food, emptied out my cabinets and ate healthy even though I’m severely exhausted. Food truly is medicine. πŸ™‚