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In efforts to be hip with the vegan shift and try something new, I taught myself how to a make a vegan burger. I found a RECIPE HERE!
I love hamburgers! But those of you that have followed the blog for some time understand that eating beef hamburgers is a guilty pleasure of mine (my body doesn’t digest beef well). Most times when I’m out, I’ll order a chicken burger or a veggie burger.

I substituted the mess out of this recipe. I didn’t have chili pepper seasoning, red beans, tamari, and ketchup. I used tomato paste because I knew tomato paste adds a thicker, meatier flavor. I also used an Indonesian Kecap soy sauce. I love it! Then I added my own burger sauce to the burger. A combination of mayonaise, ketchup, vinegar, garlic powder, pepper and relish.

Even with all the substitutions, this is a great burger! My entire meal tonight was vegan (with the exception of the burger sauce). My adventures in the bathroom will be pleasant ones. 😀