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Today was the first day that I took my food blog from the digital internet and into reality! April 29th, 2017 in Jeonju South Korea, was the Foreigner Market. These markets have happened in the southeast provinces of South Korea(SK) but this was the first time in Jeonju (central SK).

Many foreigners gathered together to raise money for charities in SK. All profits were donated to a charity of our choice. I donated my profits to the local animal shelter (the treatment of animals here in South Korea is quite horrific).

I didn’t expect to sell out of pastries so quickly but I did!!! Everyone that got a chance to taste the Tiramisu and my Banana pie loved it! I also had some Lemon Cake bites in a sampler bowl. People liked that too! And just an added bonus: some toffee candy (the kids there liked taking candy of course).

As a home baker and aspiring chef, I was so flattered to see people enjoy my pastries in South Korea at a public event. Every vendor did a wonderful job and I’m glad we all did something we love for a good cause. 🙂