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I made banana pie today. 🙂 I decided to add approx. 2-3 bananas and 1 cup of walnuts to the banana pudding (Jell-O brand name) instead of slicing bananas on top of the crust like most recipes say to do (including the one on the jello box). I hate the artificial taste of pudding. So, I wanted it to taste more like bananas. This does!! This tastes like banana bread pie! I love it! From now on, I will always add mashed bananas and walnuts to the pudding mixture before chilling it. The only thing missing is some cream. The crust I made is from crushed Biscoff Lotus cookies. They taste good with bananas in my opinion. I can’t seem to find graham crackers in South Korea. That’s ok. When in doubt, just crush your favorite cookie, add a couple tablespoons of butter, and boom! Your own crust. I’d like to call this banana bread cream pie. 😉