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I always need access to a good burger place wherever I go. What can I say, it’s the American in me. I’m in Daejeon South Korea and there is a place that claims to have “the best burgers in Daejeon.” That’s a pretty bold statement. So I took a trip to House Grill to find out for myself!

With so many burgers to choose from, I chose the burger with the chef’s name: Brian’s Burger ₩10,000. It was topped with an egg, a slice of pineapple, grilled onions, cheese and teriyaki sauce. Pretty good burger! I was really hungry that day so I also bought a pork cutlet (donkatsu 돈까수) ₩7,000. I liked the soup that came with it too (I think it was curry but my friend thinks it’s chili).

I loved everything I ate! The R&B Christmas music playing in the background won me over. I found a burger place. A super small, quaint, hole-in-the wall place. Yongmun station exit 2, walk straight for a couple blocks, make a left at Paris Baguette into the hallway, and it’s at the end of the hall. I will be coming back for more burgers and a philly cheesesteak! 😋🍔🍟