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Ever since I moved to South Korea, I’ve been wanting to make gimbap (김밥). I’m from the states, so to me, gimbap is like a burrito. Everyone kept telling me, “why make it? Just buy it. It’s cheaper.” They are right. It is cheaper to buy gimbap from places for about ₩2,500-4000 per roll. But I still wanted to make something korean. I’m a foodie chef! So I watched this video by Maangchi on YouTube and got started!

So here it is. My first gimbap. There are different kinds of gimbap and I decided to make bulgogi ( 불고기). I bought beef/pork meat and marinated it in brown sugar and soy sauce. I bought carrots, spinach, danmuji (단무지) and fried a couple eggs. The gimbap roller was only ₩800. Extremely cheap. All in all, I impressed myself with this. I made about 5 rolls and still have left overs. I didn’t have enough gim (seaweed/laver).