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I have never had South African food before so I didn’t know what to expect. A South African friend of mine brought me to Braai Republic in Itaewon Seoul. Owned and operated by South Africans.

She recommends I try a popular beer called Savanna Dry with my food. The beer is alright. I’m not a beer drinker but it went well with my food. My main course was the bbq lamb chops (not like USA bbq, only grilled seasoned meat), spinach in cheesy sauce and mashed sweet potatoes. You can choose your own sides to go with the meat.


This food was so delicious, I wanted to order another entree! It costs about ₩25,000. Eating the cheesy spinach reminded me of eating my grandma’s tasty vegetables. Keep in mind I’ve been living in korea deprived of anything resembling a real flavorful meal that reminded me of home. So to someone who had been eating the Korean versions of foreign food, This was the best!

I definitely want to return to this restaurant and eat more food! The meat pies are massive and flavorful.

UPDATE 2017! I returned and ordered the same lamb meal (too delicious to order something different and I was craving it!). I ordered a Maple Banger from the “add extra” column on the menu. The bangers are definitely delicious. Perfect for breakfast too. 🙂