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So I don’t have an oven and I wanted to make sweets. I’ve made tiramisu a few times but this time presented a challenge. I couldn’t find all the ingredients. Mainly the ladyfingers and marscapone cheese. I used this recipe as a guide and I improvised: Recipe Here!

I used danish butter cookies instead of ladyfingers, marscapone cream cheese, and Maxim Kanu coffee mix. The end result actually came out delicious! I liked the way the cookies were a little soft but a little hard. And butter cookies taste great with coffee in my opinion. I was told that my tiramisu was better than most cafe tiramisu here in Korea. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had the tiramisu here yet.

I was pleased with my creative improvisation and I will definitely make tiramisu like this again. It was easy to find all these ingredients.