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What a pleasant find across the street from the Arizona State University West Campus. I enjoyed coming to Ohya Sushi & Korean Bar to eat Korean BBQ with my family. I had never tried Korean BBQ before and I’m about to go to South Korea soon. So I’m glad I did try it. I now know what the rave is all about. I don’t know what seasonings they put on this meat but it’s magical. It’s the perfect combination in my opinion. I can only imagine authentic Korean food tasting that much better in South Korea.

We ordered the gyoza for an appetizer and the Korean BBQ Combo 1 which came with rice, banchan (side dishes) pork (Daeji Bulgogi), chicken (Dalk Bulgogi) and beef (Bulgogi). We had a choice to grill the meat ourselves on the table or have the chefs cook it in the kitchen. We chose to cook the meat ourselves to get the true experience. Loved it! I ordered a bottle of peach sake to go around and I’m satisfied. I would definitely come here again! Maybe I’ll try out the karaoke rooms next time. I did hear some singing from one of the rooms. 😉