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Antipasti Plate

I had found a Travelzoo.com coupon to allow me to eat $30 of food for the cost of $15 at 5th and wine in Scottsdale, AZ. Sweet! I’ve always seen this restaurant in ads so I wanted to try it. I ordered the antipasti plate for my appetizer and for the main meal I ordered a Sloppy Joe with the combo fries. 


Sloppy Joe with Combo Fries

I was very curious about the sloppy joe because the last time I ate one was in elementary school. I was just hoping this burger tasted nothing like that! It didn’t! I was pleasantly surprised at how good this burger is. Beef and pork chunks in sauce covered with cheese and onion strings. This Sloppy Joe gets an A in my book!

The only thing I didn’t like about this experience was the mosquitoes. It’s very popular for mosquitoes to be out this time of year so I don’t recommend eating out on the patio. Some insects managed to come inside but that’s inevitable considering the patio doors open and close frequently. All in all, I would come back here to eat another sloppy joe! I hear the butternut squash soup is delicious too. 🙂