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Antipasti plate and sparkling wines

I was looking for a local wine tasting location. I found a deal on Groupon.com for a wine tasting for 2 for $15 at Su Vino Winery in Scottsdale, AZ! I’m all about finding great deals. I’m not wealthy at all. I’m an average person and I find deals to fund this foodie operation. Su vino had a great deal. I invited a girlfriend to go with me and we each selected 6 flights of wine and shared an antipasti plate. We each chose different drinks and shared each other’s wine selection. Like I said, I’m a bargain person and I hang around like-minded people. In the end, we each tasted 12 different wines because we shared!

Every wine we had, we loved. I enjoyed the Razzle Dazzle sparkling, the Peachy Keen and the Porto Cocoa the most. I loved the Porto Cocoa a lot! It won some recognitions as a great chocolate port wine. It cost me $25. It’s definitely a wine you savor and enjoy.

Porto Cocoa Wine

The good (and bad) part of this winery is, once they’re out of a wine, they are out! They make their own wines and only keep the most popular wines in the line-up. They experiment with their flavors to find the ones the customers like best. I would definitely come here again if I’m in the area. Even without the Groupon, it will cost $10 for the tasting only for 1 person.

My friend and I were so turned on by the tasting, we went home and created our own wine and antipasti platter: muenster cheese, goat cheese fig jam and walnut mixture, grapes, mandarins, strawberries, chocolate covered toffee, radishes, basil pesto, asparagus, crostini artisan bread, champagne mustard, prosciutto and soppressata. This was much bigger and we had a full bottle of Stella Rosa semi-sweet sparkling wine! All-in-all, this was a wonderful evening! 🙂

Our homemade wine and platter tasting