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Humble Pie is a local pizza wine and spirit restaurant. I found a TravelZoo.com deal and I decided to try it out (spend $10 to buy $20 worth of food). I reviewed the menu beforehand and I was attracted to the Fig & Prosciutto pizza. I ordered it with a glass of Chardonnay Twisted (California). They have happy hour everyday between 3pm-6pm and wine is $5 a glass. They also have a nice lunch special too. 

From the images, I thought I was getting ready to eat a deep dish pizza. They are actually flat crust pizzas and the only thing thick is the outer crust. I enjoyed my pizza so much that I ordered another pizza to-go! My thoughts were, “I can eat this and drink as much wine I want at home without worrying about driving!” The main downfall to doing these foodie adventures solo: I can’t indulge in the alcoholic beverages. I like being a responsible person. So, I responsibly took it home. I’d go here again to try their other white pizzas and even add my own toppings to them. 🙂