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I love Chinese food! So when an Asian friend of mine told me I need to try dim sum, my first thought was, “Sure! I’ve always seen it in movies.” If you are anything like I was and don’t know exactly what dim sum is, this is for you. My friend had to explain to me that it wasn’t a dish like pork buns or chow mein. 


Dim sum is the process of how the food is served. So the servers will go around the restaurant with carts of food and you take what you like. They mark your table card with what you took so that you can keep track of how much money you’re spending on food. You can spend a lot of money real quick if you love to try many things and eat a lot. So take it one plate at a time. The servers will come around again, I assure you!


I have my favorite Chinese dishes that I love to eat and I was happy to see them here at Great Wall Cuisine in Phoenix, AZ. I also found some new favorites like egg tarts in the picture you see above to the right of the large shrimp rolls. There aren’t many places that serve dim sum in Phoenix. Dim sum is only served here on the weekends. If you are lucky enough to find a place in your town that serves food dim sum style, I recommend trying it out! It truly is a dining experience. 🙂