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This is my second time making Madeleines. I love these little French sponge cakes! I used a lemon Madeleine recipe from All Recipes.com. I like a tart lemon flavor so I added a tablespoon or two more than the recipe says. The last time I followed a Madeleine recipe, they came out dark brown and almost burned. I was also not in my own kitchen and I had to use an electric oven.

So this time, I baked them on the top rack in my gas oven for 8 minutes to prevent burning and overcooking. The cakes taste lovely but none of my cakes came out looking like the ones in the photo on the recipe. I’ve researched this a bit and I’ve noticed some Madeleine’s are a light brown and some aren’t brown at all. Maybe it’s my pan. I’m not sure but I’ll keep trying until they look as good as they taste. Try the recipe and let me know if yours come our looking like the recipe photo. 🙂