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I am always looking for good local food that reminds me of Italian food in Italy. Pomo Pizzeria located in downtown Phoenix, AZ gave me that vibe. Italian chef, Italian food and Vespa’s sitting right outside of the restaurant. 🙂

Their pizzas are their main staple at both Scottsdale and Phoenix locations. I ordered the Pizze Bianche Carbonara. I never had carbonara on a pizza and I think they did a great job! I also tried one of their desserts called Semifreddo. It was very good!

What I found most amusing about the location in Phoenix is, it’s right across the street from a Pizza Hut. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Here we have authentic Italian pizza and across the street you have a Franchise that makes me think I’ll die of high cholesterol or something. Pizza Hut has it’s place though, I can’t deny that. I’m guilty of my share of Pizza Hut; sometimes I’m craving it!
But I did enjoy eating at Pomo and I would definitely go again and probably bring some friends with me. 😀