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Original Jewish Sliders. Lean Brisket, Potato pancake, and swiss cheese. With Potato salad and gravy.


It has been a while since I’ve been to a restaurant that was on Food Network.
Today, I took a trip to college town Tempe, AZ to eat at Chompies. They are known for their Jewish sliders on challah (the ‘c’ is silent) bread, lean brisket and potato pancakes.

Adam Richman from the TV show “Man vs. Food” tried their 100 sliders challenge. He couldn’t complete the challenge within the required 30 minutes. When you see how big these are, I think you’ll understand. I think you would either have to train for this challenge or just have a big appetite.

I’ve had Chompies before at a potluck with the turkey sliders and onion strings. Awesome combination. The sliders are bigger than your typical restaurant sliders because they are served as a meal. You won’t be disappointed by their size. If you are, don’t worry. They have a full menu with so many things to choose from and they serve breakfast all day! I took advantage of the breakfast deal and got breakfast sliders too. I’m full off of 3 sliders right now. If you’re in Tempe, AZ and want to try some good food that was on TV, check it out!


Breakfast Sliders. Turkey Sausage, potato pancake, egg and cheedar cheese.