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I gained a love for these cookies a few years ago when a coworker brought some to work. They are simple butter cookies with a different name depending on who you talk to (I.e. Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes, Italian wedding cookies). I love these! This was my first time making them. Pretty damn good for a first try!

I followed a recipe I found on this site HERE! I made sure the almonds were finely ground. They don’t sell finely ground almonds in the store.
So, my area of expertise comes into action: Improvising! I had a mallet, a towel and a ziplock bag. I put the almonds in the ziplock bag, the towel under the ziplock bag and started hammering. Took me about 30 minutes to get these almonds to a fine dust. I used a sifter to separate the bigger chunks.
I was tired of doing this, no joke! I felt my wrist muscles enlarge. I kept wishing I had a food processor because this would have been done in 5 minutes. Oh well. At least it was worth it in the end!

I made about 3-4 dozen cookies. You’re supposed to dust the cookies in powdered sugar when warm and again when completely cooled. I used a spoon to coat the cookies to prevent the warmth from my hands from melting the sugar. Once the cookies were cooled, I added the second coat then I put them in the refrigerator to prevent the second coat of powdered sugar from melting, just in case. They’re perfect! I decided to wrap them up in small gift bags and give them as gifts to friends. Tis the season! 😀