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I heard about taking a wine and dine dinner cruise on the seine river in Paris, France. I went to the 6:30pm dinner cruise and it cost me about $80. I booked it on Expedia.com. I had a wonderful time! I was served wine as my beverage (I chose Chardonnay).
Pressed duck with foie gras and Le Puy lentils
Main Dish:
Pork belly, Basque Country black sausage with apples
Gascony pear, citrus syrup, just-warm madeleine

My server acted like a tour guide and informed me of the names and history of the buildings we passed along the river. I really enjoyed my evening. I would suggest going to the 8:30pm dinner for the live music on the cruise. It costs about $20 more but I would have enjoyed live jazz music. Expedia didn’t make it clear that you get different things at different times. But the Bateaux website is more comprehensive on what you get for each cruise. I would recommend trying this if you’re ever in Paris!

I apologize for the picture quality but the lighting was set to a “romantic” lighting. I assure you though, the food was delicious. I started eating the dessert before taking a picture! I did it again! 😛