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Ok! So one of the things I love most about traveling are the small take-away food shops you come by when you’re hungry and don’t know where else to go. All you know is you want something different than McDonalds. You didn’t travel around the world just to eat at a Mickie D’s did you? No, you didn’t. I’m tired and I wanted a hot sandwich. Most bakeries and pastry shops in Paris have cold sandwiches.

I found Le Royal Palace, Restaurant de chiche-kebab on:
337 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris.
I ordered a tandoori chicken sandwich. For €7, I got the sandwich, fries and a drink. It definitely satisfied my hunger and craving. But remember US Americans, they don’t do ketchup like we do. It’s something I learned in London, UK. Ketchup is not as popular as it is in the states. You may have to ask for it, if they have it.