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IMG_1642Some friends and I went out for an aperitivo. For those of you that don’t know, an aperitivo is usually small bites of food and a few drinks before you eat dinner. Most times this happens between 4-8pm. The idea is to make your stomach ready to eat a bigger meal. You buy one drink and get a plate of small bites of food. We all went to Cortona, in Tuscany and sat down for an aperitivo next to the main square (piazza). Small bites of pizza, tuna, small sandwich bites, peanuts, and chips. I got myself a daiquiri and it was the strongest daiquiri I’ve ever had! I couldn’t believe how tipsy I was with one drink! Cortona is a city that is most famous for the movie, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun.’ I was happy to be in this city because it is as beautiful as it was in the movie!