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Antipasti plate

Antipasti piatto

I have arrived in Perugia, Italy! So here is the first post regarding my foodie adventure. This post contains my dinner for that evening upon arrival. Some friends took me out and we ate in the main Corso Vannucci of Perugia at a restaurant called Il Bacio (search the place in Google! You’ll love the pictures!). I LOVE Italian food. I repeat, I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD! And I’ve lived most of my life eating American versions of it. So when I took my first bite straight from the country itself, my love was confirmed to a higher level. Fresh, simple, natural. Loved it. And the vino? Yes, the wine is just as great. So if you love Italian food and wine as much as I do, you’ll be in heaven.

Receiving service and my food took forever though. I arrived during the last day of the Umbria Jazz Festival. Many, many people were everywhere trying to get a piece of the action. I mean, the concerts are free!! And there are well known musical acts that come and play at this festival every year! It’s no surprise that these restaurant are super busy.

Pasta with bacon

Pasta with bacon and Asparagus. Delish!

So let’s sum up my first evening in Perugia: Great food, great wine and great Jazz music. I couldn’t ask for anything more. 😀