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My special someone is on a low-carb diet. I made my meatloaf like I usually do (skim cheddar cheese, peppers, onions, 1 egg, pork sausage, ground turkey) but I didn’t add breadcrumbs. I usually cook cornbread and rice to go with my meatloaf. It’s the perfect combination in my opinion. But those are carbs! I thought, “why not take a vegetable and cook it like a carbohydrate food just like I did with cauliflower pizza crust?” So I found a recipe on Food Network for scalloped potatoes, I substituted squash for potatoes and got cooking! I haven’t been able to cook in my own kitchen for the last couple posts. So I now have experience improvising when I don’t have proper bakeware. I had to bake them in a skillet instead of a casserole dish. It was a little crispy and brown on the edges but there wasn’t a burnt taste to it. I really liked this! I love when I can eat a food and not realize it’s a vegetable. My special someone also enjoyed it and he ate it quick! I recommend making this for a potato substitute. You might like it too! 🙂