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I heard from a co-worker about cauliflower pizza crust. He said his girlfriend made it for him and he couldn’t stop eating it. Determined to taste this low-carb alternative, I made the crust using a recipe from Allrecipes.com. I got my cauliflower from the 99 Cent store. They only had green cauliflower because they were out of white. I was just surprised to find good produce at the dollar store!
Anyway, I didn’t have a food processor so I used a blender….I won’t ever do that again! It took too much time and it didn’t shred all the cauliflower. I read other recipes that said you must squeeze the water out of the shredded cauliflower in order to make it more like a crust. I did that.

I totally didn’t have parchment paper so I used a cookie sheet without lining it with foil. Again, I won’t ever do that again! Needless to say, my crust was stuck to the cookie sheet. Even though it may sound like a bad day of cooking for me, I loved it! It smelled really good and tasted delicious. I used my same homemade pizza Alfredo sauce and toppings combination. So in love! I will totally make this again but next time, without the hassles. 😉