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I have cooked pork ribs before by boiling them for an hour then baking them with BBQ sauce for an additional 20-30minutes. This time, after reading various recipes and watching the food network, I wanted to try baking only.

I seasoned the ribs with various spices (dry mustard, seasoned salt, black pepper, paprika, and chili powder). Then I wrapped them in foil and placed them in a roasting pan. I baked them at 300 degrees for 2 hours. After 2 hours, I took them out of the oven, braised them with my BBQ sauce and placed them back in the oven, unfoiled. I broiled them for 10 minutes. These ribs fell off the bone and were juicy with flavor! Excellent! The most important thing about cooking ribs is how long you cook them and at what temperature. I will continue to make my ribs this way when I don’t have a grill and I’ll experiment with many types of sauces. 🙂