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This is a popular quick dessert to make. I wanted to make it once I saw a co-worker bring it to a potluck. I chose to follow Paula Deen’s recipe that I found on Food Network.com.

I know how Paula Deen is infamous for her flavorful touch. But I’m a health freak most of the time. I modified the recipe a bit. I used reduced fat buttermilk Grands biscuits and fat free cream cheese. I also only used half of the cinnamon sugar mixture because I know that cinnamon is very strong in large quantities like that.

Upon taking the bread out of the oven after the directed 30 minutes, the bread was still doughy. It wasn’t cooked all the way through. I put it back in the oven for an additional 25-30 minutes, did a poke test with a knife and it came out clear this time without dough on it. I really like monkey bread. However, the next time I cook it, I will make it without cream cheese and cook it for at least 45 minutes if I use this recipe again. In my opinion, it tastes better as a sweet bread without the moist texture of cream cheese.