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Cola pork chops and bisquick soda biscuits

I was in the mood to try something new with pork chops. So I found this Cola Pork Chops Recipe on Allrecipes.com. I’ve never cooked with soda and have always wanted to try it. I thought the recipe was interesting to cook pork chops with soda when I’ve only heard soda being used for quick breads, cakes and desserts. I only had Pepsi so that is what I used. I read some of the comments and reviews under the recipe on the website. I took some of the advice to add more seasoning to my pork chops, I beat them with a mallet, and browned them first before baking.

Once the pork chops were in the oven, I prepared the 7-up biscuits. A co-worker told me about the recipe and brought some in to work. They were delicious! Only 4 ingredients: Bisquick, 7-up, sour cream and butter. I prepared the biscuit batter as the recipe stated except I cooked the biscuits for 20 minutes on the highest oven rack at 450 degrees. Everyone’s oven is different. As both meals were baking, I sauteed some onions and simmered some string beans in the onions. And there you have it, my dinner for tonight!

Bisquick soda biscuits