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20131214-091202.jpgConsidering my first experience with baking pumpkin went so well with the Spiced bundt cake, I decided to make cookies for a little pumpkin baking party I was having with a friend. I found this recipe on Food Network. I modified the recipe and didn’t use chocolate chips, I only used walnut. I made these cookies with fresh pumpkin and they were seriously moist! I cooled them on the cookie rack for at least 5-10 minutes and once I put them away, they were sticking to each other. The cookies were very good! It’s just they were so moist that they stuck to each other on my cookie tray. For fear the cookies may start to go bad, I put them in the refrigerator instead of leaving them sitting on the kitchen counter. Even though they are moist, I would still make these again while trying to balance the moisture factor.