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20131214-094109.jpgSomeone special wanted to make me dinner! I have had and eaten Chicken Parmigiana but I’ve never eaten Parmigiana with eggplant. This was delicious!!!! The thing I love most about Italian food (and any food in general) is that you don’t really have to follow a recipe, it’s all to taste. So as I watched him prepare this meal, I observed. It’s a 3 ingredient meal! 2 eggplants, tomato sauce and about 3 cups of Parmesan

To make the eggplant juices release, you put a dash of salt on all the slices you cut, and place them on paper towels. Within minutes you will see the towels wet.

You then fry them in olive oil until golden brown and then place on Paper towels to drain oil. Make your tomato sauce however you like. I’ve discovered that when you buy tomato sauce/paste that doesn’t have extra ingredients, you have more control over how the sauce tastes. You can make it unique!

You need fresh Parmesan cheese! As a cook we all know fresh ingredients make that difference between good food and great food. So, assemble the eggplant slices in the baking dish to start your layers: eggplant, sauce, cheese. Continue that process until finished. Place in oven about 375 F and bake for 30-40 Minutes or until cheese on top is golden brown. Voila! Parmigiana! Buon appetito! 🙂