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So after watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I decided to a take a trip to Tempe, AZ to try out the Pakistani/Indian cuisine at Curry Corner! We all know I love Indian foods! It is a nice small restaurant with some good food. I got my favorite samosas and they came with what tastes like mint chutney and mango chutney. The samosas were just the way I like them: hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, flavorful but not too spicy! Delish!



Chicken Meal

Chicken Meal

For my main meal, I ordered Chicken Makhani. They recommended it as a good popular dish to try. Considering I was already familiar with Tikka and Tandoori, I was excited to try something I never had. I ordered the chicken with an order of basmati rice. Wow! The flavors of the butter and the unique spices (almost like pumpkin spice) made me crave each bite. I couldn’t finish my food but thankfully, they not only do dine-in but take-out too! Must try this place if you love this kind of food. I would love to try the other foods on their menu.