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There is a Fleischmann’s bread competition coming up and I wanted to bake my pizza as if this was the competition itself. As I’ve mentioned before, I love my homemade pizza! It tastes great to me! One of the judging criteria in the upcoming competition is appearance. My pizza is normally covered with cheese so it’s usually a surprise to find out what other toppings are on it. I couldn’t figure out why that happens even when I add the cheese first. So with this pizza, I added the cheese first then the pepperoni. Instead of cooking it at 375 F like I normally do, I cooked it at 415 F and not only were the pepperonis visible, the cheese didn’t look completely burnt like it had in the past. If I didn’t add too much tomato sauce, this would have been perfect. It’s a series of trial and error but I’m learning.  šŸ™‚